Most people think that the sentencing given to criminals is completely unjust. Rate my Crime... is a social experiment to find out exactly how unjust it really is.

We asked for volunteers who had been found guilty of a crime to tell us the rough details of the crime, if they pleaded innocent or guilty, the amount of punishment (time) they expected and also the amount of punishment they actually received.

Now we ask you to read the details of the crime, and award a sentence – presuming the person was found guilty. After you have given your sentence, the actual sentence will be revealed!

Do I have to join? No, you can make judgements without joining.

The crime...

The defendant is known to have been found guilty of no other crimes in the past. This time the defendant was convicted of the following crime:

Sexual activity with a 13 - 17 year old whilst in a position of trust

The reported facts of the case:

She was a teacher who sent over 1500 sex text messages along with naked images of herself to a 16 year old pupil, They also spent a night together in a London hotel

How serious do you view this crime? (click 1 star for not serious, 10 stars for very serious)

If you were the Judge, what would be your sentence?
(optional 2nd sentence)

(Click next to reveal the actual sentence, or click here to view a different crime)
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